Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second Year Progress!!

Once again our school's greenhouse is being incorporated into our curriculum.  Home Economics teacher, Ms. MacKenzie, and Teacher-Librarian, Ms. Gruden, have decided to join forces and make use of this wonderful resource. This is the second year that they are teaching students some basic gardening skills. They are currently starting seeds in the greenhouse that will later be transplanted into our new raised garden beds. By late spring we will have herbs and salad greens to use in the Foods and Nutrition 9/10 classrooms.
In addition, we also want to educate students about composting, so we have set up an additional five bins to be used by the Home Economics class, the Cafeteria class, and the Chef Apprentice program. The rich compost will be used for the garden beds and in the greenhouse.
Thank you to West Coast Seeds for their generous donation of seeds for our salad garden!
Request for donations: We desperately need some organic garden soil for our raised beds and some gravel for the walkways. Please contact Ms. Gruden if you are able to donate these materials. Many thanks!

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